SEO Tips & Tricks are available on the internet, but just because you read an article about root canal, does not mean you can perform a root canal procedure. There is a little something called EXPERIENCE.  It cannot be replaced by reading a blog. 30 years of trial and error optimizing websites means I know my stuff. If you would like to grow your market share and increase your revenue with Google organic search engine results, please contact me: retired webmaster AT Gmail dot com.

I was retired from being an SEO, and now I’m back – with even more passion than before, backed by 30 years of search engine optimization experience.

I am based in a huge metropolitan city, but I really do not want to say which city, due to Google’s algorithm error.

Google always gives priority to local companies offering local services, which is completely faulty logic, as sometimes services are global, and not attached to any particular city.

If you are in city x, a search for SEO experts will get you results of SEO companies based in city x.

But search engine optimization service is pure internet based; where my body is located is totally irrelevant.

I created about 40 different blog posts claiming to be located in many different cities (see “cities” link in menu); bold behavior – yes, but there is no other way to rank well in any city unless I provide an office address in the city.

The problem is if I mention the name of the city I am based in, I will rank well for this city, but I will be excluded from all other cities.

I can assure you that regardless of where you are in the world, my service will be just as good as if I were around the corner from you.

So simply accept me as being…everywhere. You can find me where you can find the Internet.

You are looking for an SEO expert, and you are wondering…why me?

Armed with 30 years of search engine optimization, I know Google intimately. I know how to optimize a site, and I am fully capable of positioning you on Google’s page 1.

My fee structure is proportionate; the more money you will make as a direct result of my SEO skills, the more money I charge.

If you are a dog walker, the amount of money your site can generate is limited, and I am more than happy to optimize your site, for a small, modest fee.

But if you are a factory in China shipping container loads of goods to the entire world, making millions of dollars thanks to my SEO expertise, I will want more than just a small, modest fee. I believe this policy is totally fair.

Therefore, I do not have a fixed price for my SEO services.

Small job, big job, I am fully able to get you on Google’s page 1. I would love to hear from you: retiredwebmaster at gmail dot com.