Web Design and SEO By A Professional SEO Consultant. I Generate Traffic.

If you are reading this page, you probably know that SEO will decide if you make millions, or nothing.

I started doing SEO on my own site about 30 years ago, long before the words “search engine optimization” even existed.

I learned the art of website optimization the hard way; through trial and error.

For about 30 years I have provided SEO for companies, focusing on my own websites.  My service includes detailed technical SEO site audits, site migrations, keyword research, on-page optimization, internal linking, taxonomy structuring & competitive research.

I also provide SEO Keyword Research, SEO Backlinking, Link Building, On-Page Optimization, SEO Audit, WordPress Off-page Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Content Writing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Internet Marketing, Google AdWords, Article Writing And  Website Development.

I am also a web designer that can provide you with a stunning WordPress website, highly optimized for ranking on Google.

I am a “big gun” for SEO, when you are trying to beat odds of 1 in millions to be on Google’s first page…I am  your guy.

I specialize in general site SEO, as well as landing pages and one product websites.

When you have a new hot product that absolutely needs to be on Google’s first page, I can make it happen.

I am very confident in my ability to INCREASE your website’s visibility and ranking with search engines.

You will notice I am using a very simple, basic, WordPress theme, I am not trying to dazzle you with animation, I am just telling you the facts the way they are.

I am a retired SEO, and enjoy special SEO projects. I work from home, in a quiet private environment.  I do not have secretaries, receptionists, and a high rent to pay,  as a result my fees are not inflated.

I am very dedicated and loyal to my client. Once I get the assignment, I will be totally devoted to making your project a success.

With 30 years experience doing SEO work, and being successful multiple times, I know how much I am worth, and how valuable my service is.

I can really make the difference between a big success, or a miserable failure.

Have you noticed I do not mention my location? That is because SEO is a global service. Regardless of where you are, you can benefit from my service.

My service includes domain name registration, setting up hosting and configuring the server, opening Google accounts for analytics and webmaster tools (search console).

Also included a tutorial (live on Skype), how to continue maintaining the site, how to use it, and how to continue with SEO optimization on your own, in the event that you have a site that is evolving.  (Like adding new products for example).

I should point out that the nature of SEO is such, that success cannot be guaranteed. You should be aware that being on Google’s page 1 is close to impossible, as there are millions of pages trying to be on the same page, which normally has only 10 results.

If you hire me to put you on the first page, you have a reasonable chance of success, but the result absolutely cannot be guaranteed, it is just the nature of the beast.

Current project I am working on:

I built a classifieds site for toys, and trying to compete with…Alibaba.

Yup, by myself, from my home office, I can take on Alibaba with billions of dollars and 1000 SEO experts in their IT department.


Top Important And Helpful SEO Insights You Must Know!

  • WordPress themes are designed by…designers, and they know very little about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not their area of expertise. So you should be very aware that any theme you purchase and install on your site, is going to be full of SEO errors and mistakes.  Let me illustrate how deep and profound this situation is: I originally designed this blog using a WordPress theme designed by…WordPress. It would seem that WordPress designers are highly qualified to design a site using all SEO best practices. I used the theme “Twenty Nineteen” which is the default WordPress theme for 2019.  After a while I noticed my site is being penalized, and Google informed me that the tags on the bottom of the page are “clickable elements which are too close to each other”,  and my site has been deemed as “Not mobile friendly”.   I then changed my theme to Avada, the theme I am using now, which is the all time best selling WordPress theme. Guess what…? Same issue exactly. I had to do some custom coding to make sure the tags have enough space around them. Now my site is OK and considered Mobile Friendly by Google.
  • Sometimes the webmaster ethical rules need to be bent, without crossing the line. Knowing what the line is and where it is comes with experience, but sometimes there is just no choice, and let me illustrate with a good example related to local rankings: Google always assumes that if someone is performing a search, the person is looking for a local product or service. It is a good assumption for many searches; if you are looking for a movie, a restaurant, a cleaning service, you are probably looking for someone in your local area.  But sometimes services can be global. Search Engine Optimization is an online service that can be offered and received anywhere in the world. And yet, Google gives priority to local results. For example, if someone is looking for “Los Angeles SEO Consultant”, Google will offer many results from companies based in Los Angeles, but my site will not come up, as it is not based in Los Angeles. If I create a “Contact Us” page, and provide a Los Angeles physical address, then  yes, my site will come up in local searches for Los Angeles, but…nowhere else. The only way to solve this problem is to let Google know that I am in ALL of the 1000 major cities in the world. This can be done by creating tags with “City + SEO”, for example, San Francisco SEO, NYC SEO, Houston SEO and so on. But this poses a terrible risk: If I create 1000 such tags, my site will be considered spam and will be penalized. So I created some tags, to give my site a chance to rank in a few cities, but I had to give up many other cities.
  • Ranking well has many moving parts. The single most important component that will determine your ranking is…content. Google wants to see original, compelling, unique, helpful, useful content. You may be the best plumber in the world, but unless you can “write like hell” you will never rank.  A really bad plumber with a sister that just graduated from a creative writing course will rank higher than you, and make more money than you. So make sure you hire someone…that can write, and is familiar with SEO lingo.  Google does not have the ability to evaluate you, your product or your service like a real person; it can only evaluate and rank the content on your web page, which depends largely on your writing skills.
  • Google knows how to keep a secret. The ranking algorithm that decides if you will be rich or poor, is so well kept, that no one knows what it is. Expert sites offering SEO advice do not know what exactly the algorithm is. It is all speculation. Understand the way the internet works: One site publishes a blog about the algorithm, and what will make your site rank well. If it makes sense and the site has a good reputation, the article will be copied about 1000 times, even though there is no evidence or hard proof that the information is accurate. The new 1000 blogs will also get copied, thousands of times, and within 10 days, you have Millions of pages all “stating” and “confirming” the details of the Google algorithm, when all along no one, not even one person outside of Google engineers, knows what it is. With this in mind, here is a list of factors that may influence your ranking. It is impossible to state with certainty which is more important, although I personally believe that page content and its relevancy to the actual search phrase is the most important factor. It is actually very sad that your ranking has NOTHING to do with how good you are, how qualified you are, how good your product or service is; it all depends on your writing skills, and how well the content on the page is written and presented. Here are the main determining factors for Google ranking:
  • Relevance of overall page content, Quality of linking sites & pages, Use of query-relevant words & phrases, Domain’s perceived expertise, authority & trust, Mobile friendliness, Exact match keyword use, Quantity & diversity of linking websites, Content’s accuracy w/ accepted facts, Link authority of host domain, Page’s perceived expertise, authority and trust, Use of query-relevant entities in page content, Loading speed, Freshness of publication, Anchor text of links pointing to the page, Location, frequency & distance of related words, Total amount of on-page content, Use of unique, relevant images, Anchor text of links to other pages on the domain, Keyword use in the URL, Age of the website and Domain Name, Keywords in the Domain Name.