SEO Specialist, Expert And Consultant

I was retired from being an SEO, and now I'm back - with even more passion than before, backed by 30 years of search engine optimization experience. I am based in a huge metropolitan city, but I really do not want to say which city, due to Google's algorithm error. Google always gives priority to local companies offering local services, which is completely faulty logic, as sometimes services are global, and not attached to any particular city. If you are in city x, a search for SEO experts will get you results of SEO companies based in city x. But search engine optimization service is pure internet based; where my body is located is totally irrelevant. I created about 40 different blog posts claiming to be located in many different cities (see "cities" link in menu); bold behavior - yes, but there is no other way to rank well in any city unless I provide an office address in the city. The problem is if I mention the name of the city I am based in, I will rank well for this city, but I will be excluded from all other cities. I can assure you that regardless of [...]